A European Odyssey

A European Odyssey

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This is a most unusual set of three discs. It arises from a compositional project which challenged composers to write for specific instrumental combinations that were rarely heard. There were a series of models on which these were based: Schubert's Trout Quintet (string combination with double bass), Mendelssohn's Concerto for Piano and Violin, Saint-Saens Septet, Enescu's Chamber Symphony for 12 Solo Instruments and Messiaen's Quartuor pour la Fin du Temps.

The first disc includes the Mendelssohn, Saint-Saens and Enescu. These are themselves a delight and relatively unfamiliar. The second and third dics then contain 17 of the 37 compositions inspired by this project. (the remaining 20 can be downloaded or purchased on separate CDs). Each composition tells you which piece it was modelled on.

Of the many pieces here which are fascinating, the highlight for me was Avram's Ten Romanian Songs from Bela Bartok's Folk Music Collection. These pieces have been based on some of the 5000 folk melodies Bartok published but Avram has avoided using any Bartok used in his own works. They present fascinating rhythms and well worth listening to.

Bozicevic's Marittimo is an exploration of the sea. It certainly has minimalist tendencies with the constant movement of the water in the background.

This is a fascinating set of discs. Some unusual combinations of instruments, several with trumpet.

The Shakespeare quote on the cover from The Tempest: "Be not afeard: the isle is full of noises, Sounds and sweet airs, that give delight, and hurt not." You can buy this set with confidence and not be afraid.

A World of Music

A World of Music

Available from the London Schubert Players.

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A World of Music has been featured in several BBC Radio 3 programmes.

A delightful rendition of Mozart's Piano Concerto K414 by pianist Anda Anastasescu and three folk-inspired pieces by Constantin Silvestri. His 'Three Pieces for Strings' are full of vigour and culminate in a finale of stunning percussive velocity.The Strad

A lively and enjoyable performance of Mozart’s Piano Concerto K414, played and directed from the keyboard by Anda Anastasescu, leads to an interesting work by Constantin Silvestri. His Three Pieces is not unlike Bartók's Divertimento, except that the folk idiom is Romanian. A dance section... a song-like slow theme... a vigorous, twisting flurry of a finale.HiFi Record Review

Invitation to Composers

Invitation to Composers

A European Odyssey CD series was completed in October 2011. It contains seven unique and valuable discs on which masterworks of the past will be heard along with contemporary compositions inspired by them. The collection offers a musical world of exquisite fantasy, rich surprises and superb playing from international musicians. It is a must for music lovers who wish to experience modern music written from the heart and for musicians who are keen to discover new repertoire.

Invitation to Composers - As You Like it

As You Like It

Septets for trumpet, piano and string quintet

Camille Saint-SaënsSeptet Op. 65

Lucian ZbarceaA Lover’s Promise

Ivan BožičevićMarittimo

Rodney Waschka IIWinter Concerto

Uberto PieroniFoglie d’Autunno

Anatol VieruPastorale

Hans WernerHenze Sonatina

Invitation to Composers - The Outermost Gate

The Outermost Gate

Septets for violin, piano and string quintet

Felix Mendelssohn Concerto for Violin, Piano and Strings

Jonathan ÖstlundThe Outermost Gate

Drew WilsonNocturne with Cloudscape

Adina DumitrescuJ’ai trouvé les Histoires

Invitation to Composers - Les Enfants du Paradis

Les Enfants du Paradis

Quartets for clarinet, piano, violin and cello

Salvador Torre CloudsHommage to Messiaen

Sviatlana RynkovaThree allegories

Carmen Maria CârneciQuatuor pour Marguerite

Bjorn Bolstad SkjelbredCrystals

Roberto BrisottoEvocations Rituelles

John ReemanTableau

Invitation to Composers - The Trout, the Nightingale and the Double Bass

The Trout, the Nightingale and the Double Bass

Quintets for piano, violin, viola, cello and double bass

Septet for piano, violin, string quartet and double bass

Septet for piano, viola, string quartet and double bass

Work for solo double bass

Franz SchubertQuintet in A, D667 'The Trout'

Eberhard EyserThe Nightingale was singing all night long

Jonathan ÖstlundThree Poems

Michael CretuDanse and Improvisation for solo double bass

Nathan ShirleyAnnabel Lee

Invitation to Composers - The Song That Never Ends

The Song That Never Ends:

D'annunzio, Baudelaire, Tennyson and Bartók’s Romanian melodies inspire contemporary composers:

Septets for soprano, piano and string quintet

Septet for viola, piano and string quintet

Septet for violin, piano and string quintet

Trio for soprano, viola and piano

Ana-Maria AvramTen Romanian Songs from Béla Bartók’s folk music collection

Philip CashianThree Baudelaire Songs

Sviatlana RynkovaLa pioggia nel pineto

Peter NickolSea, Shore and Tide

Ondrej ŠárekTwo Concertante Waltzes

Irina OdagescuContinuum Y

Invitation to Composers - Enescu’s Farewell

Enescu’s Farewell – 2 CD Package

Works for 12 solo instruments: piano, violin, viola, cello, double bass, flute, oboe, cor anglais, bassoon, clarinet, horn, trumpet

Disc One

George EnescuChamber Symphony Op. 33

Bjorn BolstadSkjelbred Echoes of Times Lost

Aurelian BacanThree Sketches

Jonathan ÖstlundA Northern Symphony

Ivan BožičevićSpring passes

Disc Two

Drew Wilson…Plus fort que le Destin…

Martin Loridan Les Lamentations du Phoenix

Luca VanneschiPagine di un poema dimenticato

Hugh CollinsRice A Melancholy Pavan

Marcus BluntTwo Serenades

Massimo FerriniAscoltando luci eterne

Lorena Fontana/Daniele GarutiThe Link